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Business Owner Disputes

Something that RKW does frequently and does well is assist business owners with getting into and out of businesses.  Our attorneys have decades of experience in helping aspiring business owners launch their own company, acquire another enterprise, or buy into an existing business.  We’ve helped large and small companies navigate all aspects of structuring their initial ownership interest, realizing the full value of their interest, and developing a thoughtful exit plan whether it be for retirement, health reasons, or, perhaps, when partners do not share the same vision.  

Our role in helping clients is not just to get into the relationship, but to “plan for the divorce, not the marriage.”  Business divorces are as complicated and challenging as dissolving a marriage and involve complex transactions.  Our attorneys not only help you identify issues that might give you pause before accepting a business partnership, but also what is necessary for a successful exit plan for you or your co-owners.

Our breadth of experience in representing budding and established business owners crosses many different industries from medical practices, government contractors, to restaurants and real estate ventures. The attorneys at RKW have experience in negotiating employment agreements, buy-sell agreements, operating agreements, restrictive shareholder agreements, and partnership agreements.  We have unique insight and experience in spotting issues which could stifle growth, cause compensation problems, or create oppressive tactics, as well as counsel on the hazards of minority ownership.

We have robust experience in handling director and officer fights between the corporation and its shareholders, steering derivative committees, battles between the owners themselves for the direction of the company, helping shed an underperforming owner from the business, and navigating an owner’s exit. Our attorneys arbitrate or litigate these disputes between owners in federal and state courts when fundamental legal principles are violated.  We have a long history of litigating the duties of loyalty, good faith, and fiduciary responsibility among business owners.

Before you contemplate entering into a business arrangement with someone or find yourself in a position where you and your business partners simply don’t see eye to eye anymore, call RKW and let us help you plot a course to a successful conclusion.  

We are in the business of solving problems.  Whether we are negotiating the purchase of a dental practice, updating your employee manual, assisting your business bid on a government contract or preparing estate planning documents to protect your family, we are focused on meeting your needs while managing your bottom line.

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