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April 28, 2023

Don Walsh

In the continuing instruction on issues surround the legalization of cannabis which will allow an individual at least age 21 years of age to use or possess cannabis in the State beginning July 1, 2023, The General Assembly has deemed that the sales and use tax rate of 9% will apply to the sale of adult-use cannabis instead of 6%.

The General Assembly has also prohibited a law enforcement officer from (1) initiating a stop or a search of a person, motor vehicle, or vessel based solely on specified types of cannabis-related evidence, including the odor of cannabis, and (2) conducting a search of specified areas of a motor vehicle or vessel during an investigation of a person solely for driving a motor vehicle or vessel while impaired by or under the influence of cannabis. Any evidence discovered or obtained in violation of these restrictions is inadmissible in a trial, hearing, or other proceeding, even if the evidence was discovered or obtained with the consent of the individual. The bill also reduces specified fines for smoking cannabis in a public place.

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