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Minority Business Enterprise Utilization Program

June 21, 2023

Don Walsh

The minority business enterprise (MBE) utilization program within the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) helps facilitate the participation of responsible certified MBEs for design/build construction contracts. Chapter 612 of 2022 reauthorized WSSC’s MBE utilization program until July 1, 2023. House Bill 783 (passed) extends the termination date for the program to July 1, 2028, and eliminates the current distinction between MBE programs by WSSC for construction and goods and services if WSSC determines that there is a strong basis in evidence that MBEs are subject to discrimination and that a program is necessary to remedy the effects of that discrimination. Lastly, the bill streamlines and clarifies certification requirements for MBEs participating in the program and includes additional clarifying and technical changes to the program authorization.

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