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Minimizing Workplace Theft

July 17, 2019

Laura L. Rubenstein

Experts offer the following suggestions for preventing workplace theft:

(1) Talk to Employees About Your Workplace Policies.

Staff meetings provide the perfect forum to remind employees about workplace policies. Use this opportunity to discuss how stealing violates company policy and could lead to termination.

(2) Stress that Stealing Small Items from the Company Is Wrong.

Experts suggest appealing to workers’ self-image to encourage them to model positive employment behaviors. Everyone wants to have a good reputation among peers and theft can easily tarnish one’s reputation. Small acts of dishonesty/theft can include, for example, using the company’s postage machine to postmark personal packages.

(3) Instruct and Encourage Employees to Report Theft.

Remind employees that everyone is responsible to ensure compliance and you need their help to report any allegations of theft. Assure employees how and to whom they can report theft, either through a supervisor, Human Resources, or an anonymous channel.

If you already have or plan to install security cameras, beware that there are laws that govern what and where you can record. Always consult with legal counsel first.


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